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Counselling Can Help Young People

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Today, many young people are really struggling with how they feel. They may be experiencing issues with friends, family or at school that are causing them to be withdrawn, anxious, depressed, angry or even scared. There are many reasons that can into play, from bullying, self esteem, depression, eating disorders, disabilities, family issues happening around them to name a few. They may need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know. Counselling services can help them talk things through and support them in a non-judgemental and confidential environment. Understanding the triggers, causes and emotions to identify strategies for change and coping can make a positive difference to their lives. 

depressed teenager, counselling for teenagers
Counselling for young people

Counselling is the most common form of talking therapy and there are different techniques that are commonly used when working with young people:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): The approach of CBT is about thinking more positively about life, looking at  how you can get stuck in patterns of behaviour and ways of changing these rather than dwelling on past events. There are typically six or 12 weekly sessions and with goals being set with the young person, often with ‘homework’ to do in between.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is often combined with CBT and helps a young person to focus on difficult thoughts and feeling, rather than avoiding them, so that the fear of them gradually lessens.

Psychotherapy: This is a more long-term therapy and involves talking about the effects of past events and can be more helpful with long-term problems such as depression or eating disorders.

Family Therapy: The whole family works with the family therapist to try and understand the problems they are all having. It can help improve communications between family members and issues such as children’s behavioural problems, disability, family breakdown, addiction and domestic violence.

At Helen Johnson Counselling, we believe that no one technique fits all. Helen works with each individual to decide and plan the most effective method of understanding and planning a strategy and actions to positively move forward.

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